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R.E. Style Feature : Cedar Wood Rustics

With so many brides looking to capture the easy, laid back mood of a rustic-chic wedding, today's R.E. Style feature is sure to be busy this wedding season. After creating much of the decor for their own wedding, creative husband and wife duo, Kayla and Gary Sloan, founded Cedar Wood Rustics. Their Etsy based shop is filled with everything a bride might need to accent and accessorize her themed wedding. 

Chalkboard Signs
Photo Credits: Cedar Wood Rustics

Huge Vintage Cake/Cupcake PlatterFlower Girl Petal Cones

Here's more from my interview with Kayla:

What inspired you to start Cedar Wood Rustics?
I LOVE Etsy. The people there are so wonderfully creative and design such beautiful things! I wanted to be a part of this wonderful community, so I thought about what I wanted to create -  what I loved and what inspired me - and I decided to go with the rustic, shabby-chic wedding designs that inspired my own wedding.

Describe your work in 5 words.
Rustic, Vintage, Country, Natural, Shabby-Chic

Do you have a favorite design or product?
I honestly have to say my top favorites are the Mini Ring Pillow (it is adorable) and anything that has to do with vintage items, like old windows and mason jars.

Mason Jar Lantern

Do you do custom work?
Oh my goodness - I LOVE custom work! I love when people make their wedding for them.

What are you doing when you are not creating?
Working and spending time with family and friends. My husband is the best and I can usually drag him to some antique malls on the weekends (which is something I LOVE to do).

What or who inspires you?
Love inspires me. Love for weddings, love for my family, love of living in a place where rustic inspiration is everywhere I look. I am truely blessed.

Wedding Dress Hanger

If you are married or in a committed relationship, what is your best advice for creating a harmonious and happy marriage?
Appreciate each other as individuals and appreciate things that you do for one another. My husband and I always tell each other thank you... for doing dishes, for listening, for helping. Remember that no person or relationship is perfect. Things are going to happen and you have to just sigh, hug each other, laugh about it, and work through it. LET GO OF THE LITTLE THINGS... and humor is an amazing tool.

Burlap Ring PillowWhat advice would you give to couples seeking to make their wedding memorable and special?
Do things that are not cookie cutter. Scratch the normal, white satin, same old weddings. Do something FUN! The best weddings I've been to have done something different, surprising, or had unique details. Do things people will remember. Some of the things I included in my own wedding: a pie buffet with tree slice stands, a mason jar candy buffet, a bonfire at dark, unique woodwork that was hand crafted by my husband.

Burlap Bunting
What is your studio or work space like?
We have a spare room that I have renovated. It is completely filled with inspirations, mason jars, projects, and shipping materials. It's my zone. Gary helps with all of the wood work from his shop (which smells amazing...because of all of the cedar). He is truly talented. I don't buy furniture because anything I want or need I say, "Build this"- and in a weekend it's something I could have bought at a high end furniture store.

Vintage Book Ring HolderBurlap Bridal Bouquet

What do you do at Cedar Wood Rustics that makes your product top notch and unique?
All of my items are handcrafted with love in mind. I always look at something and think: How will that look in wedding pictures? What will wedding guests think of that? Is this something that the bride and groom can keep and display in their home to remember their day? I would never let anything questionable go out my door. I have scrapped items many times - started all over, no matter the cost or how long I've spent on it. I only create things that I would want in my wedding. Sometimes I create things or get an idea and wish I was getting married again!
Woodland/Rustic Table Numbers

Is there anything else you would like my readers to know about you or your business?
Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions :-) I am an open book and am always willing to give people advice, share inspiration or help somebody out.

Stop by and visit Kayla and Gary at their Etsy shop shop!

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