Friday, April 6, 2012

Color Palette - Plum Perfect

Today's color palette is plum perfect. With just the right pops of mauve, plum and violet, touches of vintage- chic decor, and an elegantly rustic appeal - this inspiration board is sure to stir your inner romantic.

Photo Credits: Smallpigart Photography, Ashley Rose Photography, Erin Hearts Court Photography, Robert and Kathleen Photographers, Three Nails Photography, Craig and Eva Sanders Photography, Ruche Photography, Alison Conklin Photography


  1. Great finds and lovely photographs

  2. Love the colour choices! Just my favourites now! Just dropping by to wish you and yours a really Happy and blessed Easter. Alas, thanks to having screwed things up right royally, am not posting at my blog ( because rectifying matters has to be done bit by bit - and having to rely on others for assistance, doesn't aid matters either!

    Hope to be back posting a full strength soon - meanwhile, have a great week-end. Isobel

    1. Same to you Isobel - Happy Easter! Hope to see you back blogging soon :)


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