I would love for you to share your ideas and stories with me! Should your content be chosen, I will feature your product, creative ideas, style and beauty inspiration, DIY projects, or your wedding story. If you are a bride, photographer, florist, wedding planner, designer, artisan, cake decorator... etc, or if you just have a really great idea or story - please feel free to submit. 

Rew Elliott style is defined as timeless, elegant, fresh, creative, and vintage-chic. Submissions should embody one or more of these aspects. 

To submit and/or for any other questions, please email me at

Submission FAQs

Please do not send photo collages or photos with borders

Submissions cannot be retracted

Please include a list of all vendors with links to their sites.

Don't forget to tell me about your product, project, event, or idea! The more info the better.

Please send only one email per submission.

I typically respond within 2 weeks with feedback.
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