Monday, September 17, 2012

R.E. Style Feature : Sija Felt

Sigita of Sija Felt knew that capelets and boleros were chic long before the bridal industry decided they were trendy. Her hand felted pieces whisper quiet elegance and sophistication while maintaining a distinctly modern appeal. A financial specialist by trade, her natural creativity and her flair for fashion are perfectly put to use as an artisan of blissfully charming bridal-wear.

Glamorous & elegant bridal jacket hand made
Photo Credits: Sija Felt

Monday, September 3, 2012

Trend Watch : Fall 2012's Trendiest Colors

Here they are... the colors that all other colors will aspire to be this fall. Pantone's Fashion Color Report is bold and exciting while still maintaining those qualities of autumn that we love - rich, nature inspired hues. I really like French Roast and Rose Smoke. I think Tangerine with Rose Smoke and almost anything else is amazing. How about you? Any favorite combos out there? Now, to get to work finding some "new" old stones...

Fall 2012's trending colors via Pantone's Fashion Color Report

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