Sunday, April 22, 2012

In the Details : Confetti Cones

When planning your wedding, it's the attention to detail that can take your event from memorable to unforgettable. Today's detail of note is confetti cones, also known as toss cones or petal cones. Fill them with bird seed, flowers, or confetti for your reception exit - or use them to hold sweet treats at your dessert display or as pretty favor cones. These simple little containers can really have a big impact when grouped together and elegantly showcased.

Petal Cones, Image Credit : Ashton Jean-Pierre Photography
Confetti cones can be made to match any wedding decor or theme. They can be custom ordered with elegant inscriptions and monograms, hand crafted from wood or birch bark for a rustic event, or made as a DIY project right in your own living room from any number of materials. Dress them up with lace, add ribbon hangers, or customize them with personalized tags. The possibilities are truly endless. But one thing is for certain, this little detail will give your wedding that added polish that's sure to make an impression on your guests.

Cone in Custom Colors and Fonts with Ribbon for Petal, Confetti, Rice, Seed or Favor (As Seen On - The Bistro Collection Sample
Toss Cones in Custom Color and Font by Yin Vivo Weddings

Rustic Autumn Wedding Cone Favors
Serendipity Wedding Cones
from Sunshine and Ravioli
Wedding Paper cones
Monogram Paper Cones
from Anne Rhodes

DIY Petal Tossing Cones, Image Credit : Julie Mikos Photography 

CONFETTI / PETAL CONES - Weddings, showers, parties...choose your ribbon color - set of 10
Sheet Music Petal Cones from Pink Cherry Mama

Personalized Wedding-Bridal Shower Favor Party Cones Damask  -Printable PDF
Personalized Damask Toss Cones
from Posh Box Couture
Custom Monogrammed Petal Cones Print Yourself PDF FILE
Custom Monogram Petal Cones
from Cami's Paperie

48 Elegant, affordable toss cones for your special occasion
Shaved Wood Toss Cones from Cone-gratulations
 DIY Doily Petal Cones
Image Credit : B&G Photography
DIY Toss Cones
Image Credit : via The One Bridal Guide

Bohemian Country. Eight Personalized Hangable Favor Cones
Bohemian Favor Cones by Amongst Lovely Things

Personalized Petal Cones for Wedding
Personalized Ribbon Petal Cones from Classic Event Designs
Wedding Favor Paper Cones, Petal Toss Cones, Candy and Treat Cones, Assorted, French Market, Shabby Chic Style
Shabby Chic Petal Toss Cones from Faithful Crafter


  1. Those confetti cones are amazing! The collection you pulled together is stunning!

  2. Very well put together! Now following you from

  3. These cones are great! So creative.

  4. Nice! I looove such adorable wedding stuff! Beautiful calligraphy, confetti decor and perfect wedding design!


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