Sunday, April 1, 2012

In The Details : Glass Fairy Lights

Today I ran across these beautiful, artisan crafted, glass fairy lights. Handmade by Wendy Jeavons, owner of  Redbrick Glass, these fairy light strands come in a beautiful array of colors and three different petal sizes. Each bulb is surrounded by six fused glass discs resulting in delicate, luminescent effect.

Glass Fairy Lights - green glass, small

The ideas for ways to use these little lovelies are endless. How beautiful they would be placed around the base of your wedding cake, accenting into your tables-capes, hi-lighting a photo table, or mingled in with fresh flowers. After the wedding, they would be perfect as bridal party gifts or party lights for your home. 

Glass Fairy lights - blue glass, mediumGlass Fairy Lights - pink glass, small

Glass Fairy Lights - green glass, small 

Glass Fairy lights - blue glass, mediumGlass Fairy lights - blue glass, medium

Photo Credits: Redbrick Glass


  1. They are simply stunning! Thanks for sharing....

  2. oh MY!! these are so cute and lovely!!
    fantastic share! :D

  3. These are beautiful and so unique!


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