Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Trendwatch : Mismatched Bridesmaids

Gone are the days of uncomfortable, unflattering, one time wear, matchy bridesmaid dresses. The growing trend is for brides to embrace a mismatched approach to their attendant's attire. Bridesmaids are now wearing dresses that not only fit their body shapes, but also their personalities.

Photo Credit : Heather Kincaid photography via Meg Perotti
There are many ways to successfully pull off mismatched dresses. My favorite rule is that there really are none! You can stick with one color while mixing styles, play with complementary patterns and hues, or accessorize each of your attendants in a unique way. But one thing is for certain, your bridesmaids will thank you! Here are a few delightful examples of perfectly mismatched ladies.

Reserved for Kat
Photo Credit : Sohomode custom dresses

Photo Credit : via Belle The Magazine

Deposit for robbosher's Custom Bridesmaids Dresses
Photo Credit : Armour Sans Anguish custom dresses
Photo Credit : Lavender and Twine

Photo Credit : CJ's off the Square

mismatched bridesmaids dresses, cafe au lait
Photo Credit : 1313 Photography

Photo Credit : Aubrey Joy Photography

mismatched bridesmaid dresses phoenix arizona wedding
Photo Credit : Jennifer Rau Photography via Intimate Weddings
Photo Credit : Nastassja Harvey via Cap Classique

Photo Credit : Abby Ross Weddings

Mismatched bridesmaids
Photo Credit : Assassynation via Rock n' Roll Bride

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  1. Such gorgeous pictures! I want to do my wedding all over again! ;)


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