Sunday, May 13, 2012

In the Details : Fabric Bouquets

The bridal bouquet is just as important to the bridal ensemble as the accessories, the shoes, the hair, and the gown itself. My own bouquet was gorgeous. It was full, it was delicately hued, it was complete eye candy... and it was dead after a week. Had I known about fabric flower bouquets at the time, I'm pretty sure I would have invested in a bouquet that would have stayed beautiful for years to come.

Fabric Flower Custom Wedding Bouquet, with rhinestone and pearl brooches, choose your colors
Fabric Flower Bouquet with Pearls and Rhinestones by Cultivar
Fabric Flower Bouquet, Weddings, Vintage Style Wedding, Rose Wedding Bouquet, Large Flower Bouquet
Vintage Style Fabric Flower Bouquet
by Autumn and Grace Bridal
Fabric Flower Bouquet, Weddings, Vintage Style Wedding, Rose Wedding Bouquet, Large Flower Bouquet
Vintage Style Fabric Flower Bouquet
by Autumn and Grace Bridal
Whether silk, organza, linen or burlap, rhinestone dusted, or pearl encrusted, fabric flower bouquets are an elegant way to express your bridal style. Not only are they beautiful for the bride, but they also make charming bridesmaid nosegays. After taking a look at these handcrafted beauties, I know you'll be convinced as well - fabric flower bouquets are a gorgeous alternative to traditional floral arrangements. 

Wedding Bouquet Unique Alternative Fabric Flower Bouquet - Custom Bouquet - by lovemimo on etsy
Fabric Flower Bouquet by Love Mimo
Fabric Flower Custom Wedding Bouquet.  Champagne, Dusty Rose Ivory with pearls, lace, vintage jewelry, rhinestones
Fabric Flower Custom Bouquet
by Metallic Bloom
Vintage Chic with Rustic Charm bridal bouquet Handmade fabric and paper flowers,buttercream, ivory & champagne, vintage fabric Brooches
Ostrich Embellished Fabric Bouquet
by Alternative Blooms

Sparkle and Fray - Vintage rhinestone Wedding Bouquet - heirloom bouquet - handmade silk dupioni & painted flowers
Vintage Rhinestone and Fabric Flower Bouquet by Flora Bond
Vintage Fabric Flower Bouquet
Vintage Fabric Flower Bouquet by Bedouin
Fabric bridal bouquet, Rustic chic weddings, Fabric flower bouquet, Cotton magnolias, Lace flowers bouquet, Medium sized
Rustic Chic Fabric Bouquet
by Innstyches
Spring Pink Peony and Orange Catala Bouquet
Silk Peony Bridal Bouquet
by Emici Bridal

Fabric Wedding Bouquet, with brooches
Fabric Wedding Bouquet by Rene's Fab Lab


  1. These ARE GORGEOUS and a lifetime to keep! I'll take one of each please! :D

  2. I love them all but my favorite is the fist one with the pearls and rhinestones. My *one* issue with flowers is that they die - this remedies that. :)

  3. Lovely post! Beautiful pieces here, thank you so much for including mine.

  4. Each are expressive and have heart warming details. Alternative bouquets open the door to creativity and allow for individuality. Beautiful choices ~ Thank you for choosing an item from my shop and sharing your artistic eye.

  5. So many lovely bouquets! I am absolutely delighted to be included! Thank you!

  6. Gorgeous collection! Thank you so much for the lovely feature!

    - Autumn and Grace Bridal

  7. Those are all so gorgeous! My favorite is the Silk Peony Bridal Bouquet
    by Emici Bridal. Lasts forever, and no allergies!


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