Sunday, February 12, 2012

In the Details : Letterpress Wedding Favor Tins

As I was spending my Sunday afternoon browsing Etsy, I came across these charming letterpress wedding favor tins by Bella Baroque Design

Letterpress Wedding Favor Tins

I just love her designs, and there are plenty to choose from. Each aluminum box is customized with one of her hand-cut letterpress labels. You simply choose from one of two box sizes, select one of the beautiful designs, and then add your monogram, your wording, or your names and dates, and your ink color. You can choose one design, or mix and match several.

 The detail on these little gems is so intricate. The look is so elegant and full of vintage charm. Owner Barbara Stanaitis describes her work as "sophisticated, yet  friendly" using "classic print techniques and elegant finishes, punctuated by current color palettes".


You can choose to fill the boxes with your own candies, teas, truffles...etc, or she can fill them with candy for you. Either way, these are a perfect way to add handmade charm and vintage elegance to your wedding. They would also be perfect as bridal shower favors.

 In addition, Bella Baroque sells gorgeous, hand crafted wedding stationary, monograms, and custom stamps. Her shop is definitely worth a peek... you'll certainly be happy you stopped by.

Photo Credits: Bella Baroque Design


  1. oh how gorgeous! I love those tins... makes me want to have a party just so I have an excuse to get some :o)

  2. @Kristi - I know! They would be so perfect for all kinds of events...

  3. My mom brought a tin of candies to church every Sunday, kept us kids nice and quite. great post.

  4. Oh I love these tins.. I brother is going to be getting married next year and I will be passing this idea on to him. Off to check out the shop now.

  5. These are lovely! Great idea for lots of occasions.


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