Friday, August 31, 2012

What's New With Rew - Autumn 2012 Events

I'm diving right in to the as yet uncharted waters of craft shows and artisan markets! I'm really excited to be a part of two outstanding events over the next couple of months. I will be taking Rew Elliott on the road to the Bella Rustica Barn Sale and the Webb School Art & Craft Fair, commonly referred to as the "Bell Buckle" show.

Bella Rustica is right up my alley, featuring artisan crafts and vintage booths - all with a charming, rustic-chic appeal. Having just moved to the Nashville area, I was a late entry and not expecting to be able to  participate this year. I literally jumped out of my chair when I got the acceptance email.

The Bell Buckle Show boasts between 80-100 thousand visitors over the course of the event weekend. Yes, you read that right... that's a lot of folks. Truthfully, I'm a little intimidated by those numbers, but very excited to be taking part in this much anticipated yearly event.

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