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R.E. Style Feature : Girly Girl Bead Boutique

For today's R.E. Style feature, I would like to introduce Michelle Martson, owner of  Girly Girl Bead Boutique. Michelle is working mom with two small girls and a passion for jewelry. She works primarily in Swarovski crystal elements, freshwater pearls, and sterling silver. Her designs are simple and classic, perfect for brides looking for understated, clean elegance. She welcomes custom work and tells me, "I love working with a bride to create exactly the jewelry she wants to compliment her bridal style".

Modern pearl loop bridal necklace 

Here's more from my interview with Michelle:

What was your background before you began Girly Girl Bead Boutique?
I was and am still a credit analyst for a bank by day.  I have a degree in Finance and have worked as a credit analyst pretty much since I graduated college, oh so many years ago.

Daisy bridal earrings pearl dropWoven Swarovski pearl bridal bracelet 

What inspired you to start Girly Girl Bead Boutique?
Making jewelry has been a hobby of mine for over 10 years. Girly Girl Bead Boutique originally started as a children's jewelry boutique. I have two young girls and could never find good quality but child friendly jewelry for them to play dress-up with, so decided to make my own. I started my shop after getting several requests for jewelry for my friend's daughters too. However, due to the stringent CPSIA laws, I opted to make adult jewelry instead. I began focusing on bridal jewelry a little over a year ago, after making the bridal jewelry for my cousin's wedding. I really enjoyed creating something that would be a part of such a special and memorable day.

Cascading orchid pearl bridal necklace 

Describe your work in 5 words.
Classic, timeless, elegant, girly and modern.

Do you have a favorite design or product?
My favorite design is my pearl loops necklace.  I think its so fun!  It girly but unique and modern at the same time.  My most popular pieces are the orchid and pearl necklace and the earrings and bracelet that go with it.

Pearl orchid bridal bracelet
 Silver orchid pearl drop bridal earrings

What or who inspires you?
I draw inspiration for all around me.  But my girls often inspire me the most.  I always show them new designs and creations for their opinions.  They may be only 3 and 5, but they have strong opinions!  They often tell me to add more sparkle.  LOL!

What are you doing when you are not creating?
When I'm not at my day job or working on my jewelry, I'm spending time with my family and playing with my two girls.  I also enjoy reading in my rare free time.

Swarovski crystal rhinestone flower pearl drop bridal earrings 

What is your studio or work space like?
Ha!  I currently work on my bedroom floor!  Sometimes the dining room table, but I hate hauling all my supplies up and down the stairs.  We are working on setting up a work space in our office for me, but its a work in progress still.

What do you do at Girly Girl Bead Boutique that makes your product top notch? 
I use high quality components and put a lot of thought and care into my designs. I use techniques and products that are attractive but durable and will stand the test of time.

Swarovski pearl lariat bridal necklaceWoven bridal bracelet white Swarovski pearl silver seed bead 

What advice would you give to couples seeking to make their wedding memorable and special?
Do what YOU want to do for your wedding and don't let family and friends push you into anything else.  And above all - relax, have fun and enjoy your own wedding!

What is your best advice for creating a harmonious and happy marriage?
Make time for each other and listen to each other. This will get harder and harder to do as your lives get more busy and harder still if you decide to have children.  But you must make your marriage a priority if you want it to last.

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All photos courtesy of Girly Girl Bead Boutique

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