Monday, September 17, 2012

R.E. Style Feature : Sija Felt

Sigita of Sija Felt knew that capelets and boleros were chic long before the bridal industry decided they were trendy. Her hand felted pieces whisper quiet elegance and sophistication while maintaining a distinctly modern appeal. A financial specialist by trade, her natural creativity and her flair for fashion are perfectly put to use as an artisan of blissfully charming bridal-wear.

Glamorous & elegant bridal jacket hand made
Photo Credits: Sija Felt
Heading into the fall and winter months, I can't help but see her expertly crafted nuno felt creations gracing the shoulders of vintage-chic brides everywhere!
Here's more from my interview with Sijita:

What inspired you to start Sija Felt?Felting wool was so inexpected to me, but evolved very fast. After my first felted slippers were more pairs and very soon my first felted jacket. Then it was something I wanted to do. Felting is like sculpturing - I have to give good form to my jackets with my hands. This work needs lots of mental and physical efforts, accuracy, and lots of love to the process and the creation. Especially, I like white feltings - they are so divine.

Ivory white and golden wedding bolero / wedding shrug / sleeveless bolero - S- M seize Ready to ship - Can be custom madeOff white bridal bolero with long sleeves

Do you do custom work?
Yes, I mostly do custom jackets, boleros, capelets, other accessories for brides and also for children. 

What are you doing when you are not creating?
I still have my other financial work, also have an e-shop of beautiful colored silks for felting, I draw new patterns for new clothes. Lots of other work, but I prefer creating feltings.

Off white polka dots collar / bride / super soft merino wool with silk laces

Describe your work in 5 words. 
Tender, natural, easy, divine, elegant.

What is your best advice for creating a harmonious and happy marriage?Have love, respect, and unity, and common interests. Stay active together.

Bridal bolero Cashmere feelingRomantic Bridal cape / capelet / shoulder Wrap / Wedding shrug - Natural white

What advice would you give to couples seeking to make their wedding memorable and special?
Create the perfect day for themselves, not for the guests. Pay attention to natural things, feelings, and focus on each other. 

What is your studio or work space like?
I have my work space for my feltings at home, it is a cozy and comfortable space.

Glamorous & elegant bridal felted jacket - soft as cashmereNatural white Ivory bridal jacket

What do you do at Sija Felt that makes your product top notch?
I make pieces that best suit the bride and her figure. My jackets are well shaped and elegant. I use only the softest natural wool for the jackets, so they have a cashmere feeling.

What or who inspires you?
I get inspired by beautiful people, nature, and great cities.

Anything else you would like my readers to know about you or your business?
I create only in good mood and try to know my customers. Felting and silks are my big passion :)

Bridal collar / Bridal scarf - natural white wool and silk - hand made -  nuno felted

Make sure to come back next week to see SIjita's own wedding featuring her hand felted wedding gown. You won't want to miss it!

You can also visit Sija Felt on :
Etsy and her Blog

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  1. Hiiii...I just found you listed on Bella Rustica's vendors list, and had to come take a look. Loving what I see, soooo, Im now following you. Please, please come visit me at GOOD LUCK this weekend. Hope you sell OUT. 8-)

  2. Thank you, Kristin for featuring my works!
    Sigita - Sijafelt

  3. beautiful! visiting you from the etsy revolution team :) great blog!



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