Saturday, January 28, 2012

Trend Watch - Rainbow Bride

Brides are some of my favorite clients to work with. I love creating special pieces that will in turn be a part of such a magical and memorable day. I also get a feel for a lot of bridal trends, and one I  have been noticing more and more is that brides are wearing color. 

Many brides choose to add touches of color by adding a sash or belt to their gown. This is an elegant look and a perfect way to add color even if you are opting for a traditional gown of white or ivory. There are many different styles to choose from as well, making them an excellent choice for adding that pop of color to your look.

Blush pink is an understated way to add color
Allison Bridal Gown by Rschone on Etsy

Bridal Sash in Yellow and Gray by SolBijou on Etsy

Golden brown bridal sash from Something Ivory on Etsy

Another way to add color is to go for a gown with embroidery, beading, or a print right on the fabric. Floral motifs are a popular choice. The look can be subtle or bold depending on the color choices, but will definitely make a statement. 

Printed gown in petal pink

Embroidered gown in pale lavender

Statement crimson red

If it's a bold statement you are looking to make, allover color is a beautiful option, and definitely not traditional.  

 An important factor to keep in mind when choosing to add color to your gown is that accessorizing can be more difficult. While gowns and sashes can be dyed to almost any color, rhinestones and pearls  have a much more limited range,  and even your bouquet choices can be more of a challenge. Too much color can definitely be overkill and can actually detract from the gown itself. 

Vera Wang Spring 2012 in pale grass green

Though colored jewelry pieces can be beautiful with a colored gown, exact color matches can sometimes be difficult to achieve. Often, my brides who are wearing color send fabric samples from the actual gown or sash so that we can get the closest match. I have also had brides match paint chips to the color(s) in their gown and send those to me. Just one of the many benefits of having your jewelry custom made!

A good option to think about when wearing color in your gown is to keep your accessories in crystal clear stones or white or ivory pearls. Depending on how much of a statement your gown makes on it's own, you may also want to opt for more simple jewelry and flower designs as opposed to bold statement pieces. 

Vera Wang Spring 2012 in a deep blush with taupe accent

And lastly, for the bride who wants the color, but maybe doesn't want it as front and center, shoe clips are a trend that has certainly made a comeback. Just search Etsy for them and you will be overwhelmed with the many stunning choices. They can range from delicate and demure to bold and eye catching. They are a wonderful way to add color to your overall look.

Floral bouquet shoe clips by Chloe &Maddie on Etsy
Purple statement shoe clips by Sofisticata on Etsy


  1. Beautiful blog and wonderful collection!! Love all the gowns!!
    Thank you for featuring my shoe clips!


  2. @Sofisticata - you are so welcome. I have admired your shop for a long time :)

    @Lori - thank you so much for stopping by!

  3. What a great post! All of these gowns are gorgeous and those shoe clips are stunning!

  4. I agree with Angela. Great post of gorgeous gowns and shoes

  5. Love that! I'll be wearing a lace dress with a pistachio belt for my wedding in June, very summery!

  6. Oh my heck.. these are gorgeous!!! Thanks so much for sharing!


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